Pandemic Health Assistance

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Below please find information on how support can be accessed for those experiencing trauma and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information below provides support for both you, your family, and for our students.

For CCIU Staff and their Families

  • HMS/Health Advocate, an employee assistance program (EAP), offers free and confidential counseling and referral services to help employees and their eligible dependents successfully manage life's problems. If either you or someone in your household is struggling with anxiety and stress due to the current health crisis, please seek support. The phone number for HMS is 877-240-6863 or you can visit their website.

  • SwiftMD is a telemedicine service that delivers quality health care directly to you over the phone or through video conferencing. Telemedicine allows a doctor to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment including sending in a prescription to the patient's pharmacy of choice. This service is available to all employees and their dependents covered under the CCIU health plan and is provided at no cost. There are no co-pays, no deductibles and no fees!!!

For more information on how to access this high-quality, convenient medical care by Board-Certified physicians, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, click the links below.

For Students and Their Families

Also, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has published a guide for talking with children about this situation. Times of crisis can elicit a wide range of emotions and behaviors in children and ourselves. It is important that we take care of our physical and mental health while caring for others. If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress, a 24-hour crisis text line is available by texting "start" to 741741. If an individual needs urgent mental health services, Valley Creek Crisis is available 24 hours a day at 610-918-2100. As with any other emergency, you can also call 911.